Cooking with Friends

Meet My Brother

In honor of national sibling day, I thought that I would start off my first “Meet” post by introducing my brother.

This is Cole, my BIG little brother. He is 2 and half years younger than me, and what seems to be 2 and half feet taller than me. He is a music lover and enjoys either blasting his record player or silently sitting in a corner with his headphones in; there is no in between.

Growing up, Cole and I were always so close. We did everything together, (even though sometimes, I didn’t want too haha). We’re best friends. And of course, we fight like cats and dogs.

We are very opposite though. He is extremely hard to wake up in the mornings, while I wake up as you’re just thinking about walking past me. I started a tradition back when we lived together, and would get up for school. We would usually be late because he never wanted to wake up, and he took FOREVER to get ready. So I started carrying a water bottle with me, and would throw water all over him just to wake him up. He just didn’t wake up, he flew up after me, and chased me all around the house. It was definitely a way to get us both up and moving and ready for the day. To this day, he will wake up at just the sound the faucet running!

For as many fights we have had, there are twice as many good times. He stands by me through thick and thin, and he always protects me. Even just by driving around listening to music, I have an absolute blast with him.

He is actually a very good cook too! He makes an amazing crab dip,  and bruschetta, which I plan on stealing and featuring in my Flavor of the Month by the way. Thanks bub! 🙂

He really is a wonderful person and an amazing brother. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be my bub.


To learn more about Cole, follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


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