Cooking with Friends

Cooking with Memom

Hey guys!

So just so everyone knows, this is my Memom. She is my talented grandmother, and the whole reason I cook.

There will be many “Cooking with Friends” featuring her.

Today, we made a Brown Sugar and Mustard Glazed Salmon! Yes, you read that right.

This glaze is Bobby Flay’s recipe and like all of his creations, it did not disappoint. The glaze itself is so versatile. It would go well with almost any meat as a glaze and packs a big punch of flavor.

The glaze itself consists of (try not to drool)…..brown sugar, Dijon mustard, honey, melted butter, soy sauce, fresh ginger and olive oil.

The main reason I love this glaze is because no flavor is overshown by another. The mustard comes through first, and then is mellowed out with the sweetness of the brown sugar and honey, then the saltiness from the soy sauce and finally the warmth of the fresh ginger. I reserve some of the sauce just to dip my salmon in. It’s that good.

Here’s a picture of our masterpiece.

Although this recipe focused on the glaze itself, the quality of your salmon is vital. Not only does it contribute to the flavor of your meal but also your health.

Here are a few tips on buying salmon. 

1. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS buy wild caught salmon.

— Farm raised contains nearly the same amount as Mercury as wild caught, and also contains less vitamins and nutrients as wild caught. Plus, wild caught has much more flavor and Omega 3.

2. If possible, but from a local seafood market.

I always try and support local businesses, and if you live close a local seafood market that carries wild-caught fresh salmon, take advantage of that resource and buy from them.

You will also know the quality of the fish. You can actually talk face to face with the producer and ask them where the salmon comes from and you may actually get to hear an interesting story. It connects you with your food, and that is always important.

3. Don’t buy frozen!

Only if you can help it. I know everyone does not have access to fresh ingredients, but if limit yourself to supermarkets like Walmart, you are probably not going to find what your looking for. When you freeze meat, especially meats as delicate as fish, it changes the texture, and tends to make it rubbery. So take the time, and “fish” around (haha), and find what your area has to offer!

Download the full recipe here!

Brown Sugar and Mustard Glazed Salmon


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