Flavor of the Month 

Coriander Cilantro

Everyone has a certain restraint when it comes to spices and herbs. Some may be intimidated by the marjoram that came in that generic spice set from Walmart, or when you go overboard at the international market and end up with a 3 lb bag of dill seed and turmeric powder.

Join me in my Flavor of the Month challenges where I will come up with new recipes and flavor pairings using different spices and herbs.  I will be referencing my Flavor Bible quite a bit, and even give different examples.

Below are previous FOTM. Click the “flavor” to download the infographic. Click each recipe to be taken to the post.

April 2016Basil = Bruschetta, Pesto, 27 Ways to Use BasilFlavor Affinities

May 2016 – Cilantro/Coriander = Jalapeno-Lime Slaw, Guacamole, Pico de GalloSpicy Cilantro Sauce


Thanks to Cooksmarts.com, we have access to their amazing infographics! I have attached their herb and spice chart below so that anyone can reference any spice, herb and their flavor attributes.


Cooksmarts Herb Guide                                                  Cooksmarts Spice Guide